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Years of experience in running campaigns for multimillion-dollar businesses have allowed me to launch several products that will help you achieve what we've been doing - increasing profits with Facebook Ads.

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Mastering Facebook Ads

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The Science of Facebook Ads - Professional

Learn what professionals do differently to consistently launch profitable Facebook Advertising Campaigns and how you can do it too! Here's what you'll learn!
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The Science of Facebook Ads - Targeting

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Facebook Ads Starter Kit

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The Ultimate Facebook Ads Cheat Sheet

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Facebook Ads Targeting Cheat Sheet

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Facebook Ads Manual: Everything you need to know to get started

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The Science of Facebook Ads - Master

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About the author

Mojca Zove (previously Mars) is the owner of Super Spicy Media and a Facebook Ads Expert that helps +7-figure companies generate leads and increase profits with Facebook Ads.

She's the author of The Facebook Ads Manual, a book that helped hundreds of people launch their first successful Facebook Advertising campaign.

She's an international speaker. She appeared on MicroConf, Double Your Freelancing Conference, Seanwes Conf, BaconBiz and others.